Strings and Sol

Headed to Mexico for this festival in December. Anybody done this before? Is there a discussion board area for it? Any suggestions, pointers etc?


I think the best bet, is the Facebook Group for Strings and Sol

Have always been interested, and I’m sure it’s an incredible time, but way too pricey taking everything (hotel, airfare, etc. etc.) into account for just a few days. No camping option as far as I can tell. Have fun!

True, it is waaay more expensive for 4 nights than I’ve ever paid for a full week in Mexico before. But I didn’t have the Greensky boys singing to me at sunset on the beach then, either. :love

It’s on my bucket list…one of these years for sure. Can’t wait for the reviews!

Dittos from The (cold & flat) Heartland. :thumbsup