storing food if your tent is far from your car

If it is true that some of us could be tenting a shuttle ride from our vehicles, does anyone have tips for dealing with food? I could see leaving a cooler next to my tent, and maybe a plastic tub with a lid for other staples, but are racoons or bears or humans a potential problem? I thought about this last night when I walked into my back yard and came face to face with a bear. I don’t recommend ever having food in a tent, and definitely don’t ever sleep with food. Anyway, is it advisable to have locking or secure coolers or containers to keep animals out?

The Biggest prob you will have with food are the Chipmunks and Magpies
a loaf of bread , crackers whatever will be Gone !

Thanks, but I’m not planning on leaving food completely unprotected. I’m just curious if a typical cooler or plastic container with a lid would suffice. It sure wouldn’t in my neighborhood. I’m just wondering if I need to invest in units that latch tight.

Where are you camping? In Town park, no self-respecting animal larger than a porcupine would be seen anywhere near us (yes, we’ve had a porcupine raid our camp). No burly storage is needed once we pack in there. The Bears hear the drunks snoring and flee for the hills. :lol

But, you may want to consider a tote to at least hide your alcohol in… Townie teenagers have been know to help themselves

Thanks. I’m at the high school, so alcohol won’t be in the plan. A porcupine can sure get into a cooler, though. I’ll think about my options. I’m told the high school is near a grocery store, so maybe I won’t pack too much food. That way a raid wouldn’t be such a disaster.

There will be enough action & people around at HS to keep animals away. Just replenish your ice each day in the cooler & you will be fine! :thumbsup

I’d recommend bringing a sun shade to store a cooler under. It’s amazing how much money that can save you on ice.

yes your correct about the High school being close to the grocery store, it’s almost directly across the street. there is no real shade there so you might want to limit the cooler items. as for critter invasion, being from Montana we don’t sleep with our food either. however you will be in a fenced in athletic field amongst hundreds of others. “raids” are very unlikely. I use some of those reflective windshield shades you can buy for your car and cover my coolers with them. cooler maintenance is a good thing.

Something I learned last year with a cooler and ice is, if you have room for it, get the 10-lb. solid block of ice (at the grocery store). It lasts MUCH longer than 2-3 3-lb. bags of “drink” sized ice, and is more cost effective. The 10-lb block is only about the size of a gallon of milk, so it doesn’t take up that much space. You could also try a combination of both. Also consider putting items in seal-able bags to prevent it from getting wet. That said, I have never had problems with keeping my food in or near my tent, both at Lawson Hill and the HS.

:wave YES, the block ice lasts waaay longer. It’ll keep your drink ice frozen! :cheers

Thanks Swander :cheers
Because you are listening (thank you :medal) I’ll share a little secret. :secret

Go down to your local thrift store and purchase a whole pile of big fluffy bath towels. Place them over your coolers placed in the shade and copiously irrigate those bath towels morning, noon, and night. Your blocks of ice will last way longer if you keep those towels damp.


I like to take old plastic gallon bottles and freeze them for starters. When the ice melts, the water is still in the bottles and you can drink it. Four gallons in the bottom of my cooler usually last three or four days before I have to buy ice.

Great tip! Thanks!

Can anyone answer any question about the High School campsite. We have never camped here, always went hotel style before so I’m trying to get prepared:)

How far away should we be expecting to park if we show up Wednesday around 10am?? Does anyone know? Also, how much are the showers and do we need quarters?? Or is that for the other campgrounds? I was told the high school puts on a breakfast for money for the school?? Is that correct??

Thanks in advance!

Wednesday 10am SHOULD (key word SHOULD) get you in the HS parking lot (it’s free) right outside the field. Real handy, I found. :slight_smile: The showers are in the front of the school, and the campground/field is off to the right side, so you just have to walk around the side of the school to get to them. Last year I think showers were $3? Maybe $3.50? I would expect somewhere in that range, as prices may have gone up. They have a few school age kids there to take your money/give change (in bills) so no quarters necessary. They do have breakfast, and also materials for sack lunches, if memory serves, as well as ice and a few other camp essentials, all for money.

Another quick lesson, don’t set up by the fence by the road, as it gets loud with shuttles, buses, and foot traffic. If you go towards the east (mountain side), you also get more time before the sun hits your tent, turning it into a human oven. :slight_smile: The garbage/porta-potty area is also on the east, so you have less tent lines/people to trip over on that urgent early morning bathroom run.

:thumbsup Also saves you the horror of discovering a bag of bacon that didn’t get sealed all the way and is now covered in cooler-water-sledge.

Thanks for the info. 8 more days:))

Which begs the question…Can I get block ice in T-Ride?

I know the gas station by Lawson carried block ice last year.

wait…yep, I just peeed a little too! :lol Thanks for the good laugh, Mr G! :cheers