STOLEN Instruments

ALERT!! Yesterday, Monroe Crossing’s mandolin player’s instruments were stolen out of his hotel room in Glendale, AZ. His mandolin is a 2003 LaPlant, numbered 125, and his fiddle old and unnumbered. Please pass this on! They’re in Arizona for a few more days and are hoping against hope to recover them.

I don’t know them personally but here’s their website if you need to contact them on this matter:

If you know of musicians/pickers in AZ and surrounding areas please pass this along


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It was purchased ‘on the street’ by a gentleman named Jerry… After realizing it wasn’t “grandma’s instrument” (as the seller had claimed), he did some research and discovered it had been stolen. He quickly called the mando player (during set break, no less!), then promptly delivered it to the band in the middle of their second set!! It was quite the amazing moment to witness… Matt was SO elated to be reunited with his beloved mando, like a child reuniting with a parent… SO freakin incredible!!!

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I’m hoping that Jerry gave the police a description of the “seller” to see if they can track down the location of the fiddle and put the idiot away that stole them. :thumbsup

There was definitely talk of Jerry helping with the investigation… There was also some speculations that possibly shady hotel employees might be to blame. Not sure whatever became of things, but at least the more important instrument outta the two (by his own admission) was recovered, and there was even an audience there to witness the return!! I definitely won’t forget that incredible night for quite some time…