Steve wants to know

He’s trying to learn how to play guitar but he needs to know how what is the best way to keep his fingers from turning into hamburger?

practice :thumbsup

Super Glue

I’ll second the super glue comment, but an alternative would be to learn the banjo as the strings are much easier on the fingers :slight_smile:

Too Funny, Adam! :lol

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

(before someone else says it) Unfortunately, while easier on the fingers, banjos are also harder on the ears

BAH - beat me to the punch Banjo! :slight_smile:

Personally, I love Banjo music… but he’s got the guitar already… Actually, he has had this guitar since we were dating circa 1983.

Nice. Does that mean it’s a “vintage” guitar, Debbie? :wink:

1983? Let’s hope he’s changed strings or even Super Glue won’t help. Maybe a tetanus shot…

he has changed the strings…LOL I guess it’s Vintage- I think he’s probably had since high school.

:band There is a better, more managable product than super glue called New Skin. A friend of mine tried the super glue, and kept it in her guitatr case pocket…you can guess the rest.

New Skin is a liquid Bandaid and it works well. The Super Glue starts to peel off and it snags the strings after a few minutes. Sorry bout the superglue incident.