Staying warm at night

I have a Buddy Heater, but it only works at elevations no higher than 7000 feet. Does anyone have any recommendations of a type of non-electric heater that will work at Telluride elevation?

They still kinda work but they are a little finicky. This doesn’t necessarily answer your question but an electric blanket with a decent sized battery pack could do the trick as well!

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Thank you for responding. I like the heated blanket idea.

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I’ve used a Buddy Heater at Telluride before. Just make sure you have plenty of ventilation in your tent.

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I’m happy to hear that, Linds. I will give it a try. Carefully!

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The buddy heaters have built in low oxygen sensors (hence the challenge using them at altitude) but not CO detectors to my knowledge. I bought a separate CO detector just to be on the ultra-safe side but it’s not yet gone off or registered any CO from the heater use whatsoever.

I am a little afraid of the buddy heaters due to an experience I had with one catching on fire, I’m sure it was a fluke but instead of using one of those I purchased Lap Warmers from the Hot Hands brand. It’s like the hand warmers but bigger. We have used them in our sleeping bags before when camping, they last most of the night and stay really warm. Also, the classic boiling water and putting it in a Nalgene bottle has always worked for me.


Thank you for the heads up on the heater. I have also used the Nalgene bottle trick and it works for a while. I’m a very cold blooded person. (but a warm heart)