Staying at Mary Illium/Nightgrass

Is Nightgrass going to be a pain in the ass from this place?

Plan accordingly and you’ll be fine. The shuttle picks up / drops off outside the festival grounds. elks park/ SOH and the high school ( Palm Theatre ). FMTTMS is closer to the Opera House. Walk or shuttle to your show and be out looking for your shuttle back to Mary E by 1:45am or so. Talk to the bus drivers in the morning and ask what their schedules look like…it will probably be a different driver later that night but any intel is good.If you get caught between bus stops as a shuttle approaches flag em down and hopefully it’s one of the Mary E busses. Oh ya, a modest tip for the drivers to and from the fest is always welcome!!!

Yea, Hooter is right. it is no harder to get back to Mary E. than it is Lawson Hill if you riding the buses. The bus drivers are nothing short of awesome. The only time that they will not stop for somebody is if they are completely full. They really do earn allot of there money through the tips, and deserve our support. :thumbsup Don’t forget the Grey Goose in town during the day. Just stick out you hand, they will stop too. :wave That’s one of the better benefits of this festival. If you are headed to the campground before 2:00am. Transportation is one thing you just don’t need to worry that much about. It just may take a minute or two before the next buss comes, that’s all.

Does anyone know how to reserve an extra day at Mary E Illium? I’ve got opening night YMSB tickets but only a four day camping pass.


You don’t need anything else: just need your 4-day (or 4 individual days) festival pass with your Mary Illium camping pass: Mary Illium is open from (per the Planet Bluegrass website):

Opens: 9 am on Saturday, June 15
Closes: noon on Monday, June 24

So, is the campground usually full after June 15th or will there be room on that Wednesday to get in? I guess what I am confused about is if anyone can camp during that 5 day period before the festival or do you need that camping pass to do so?

You have to have a PBG camping pass to be at Illium during that week. Two years ago my husband and I got there on Wednesday afternoon and didn’t have trouble finding a spot for our 6 person tent. You’ll be cozy with your neighbors! But you should be fine. :flower

What Skubes said. I spent my first two TBFs at Illium. We showed up on Tuesday before the festival both years and there were still people rolling in and being able to find spots on Thursday morning.

4 single day passes, or a 4-day pass will work this year at Mary Illium.

You can camp there as long as you have a pass to all 4 days.

So what is good about Mary Illium, I realize Town Park is the second coming of christ but some of us weren’t so lucky, I want to know about how kickass this place is.

Well, Yard Gnome…for starters…your at the Telluride frickin Bluegrass Festival!!! The extra stuff like " I’m camping in an amazing canyon…with a beautiful river that runs through it…with camp hosts that will go beyond the call…neighbors who’ll become friends forever…fire pits with jam sessions to tuck you in at night…shuttle busses that take you to and fro so you can festivate to your hearts desire w/o driving…free fresh water delivered daily…ice delivered daily for less than you’d pay in town…trailheads to some amazing hikes…and it only cost $50.00 for up to 10 days of camping…oh and theres a fellow that makes coffee for everyone every morning…for free!!! bring your own mug. Is it Town Park? No…Is it a 4 star hotel? No…but I think you’ll manage just fine.

Mary E is pretty great. It has a much more natural feel to it. Town Park camps have such elaborate set ups, which I love, but it can take you away from the natural beauty surrounding you in every direction.

While there is also lots of picking in Town Park, the picking in Mary E has the added bonus of actually having a camp fire (assuming this year isn’t too dry). Sitting back and drinking a beer with your neighbors and listening to all the pickers is great no matter where you are, but the camp fire makes it even better.

And, as Hooterroll mentioned, the Coffee-man camps in Mary E. I camped next to him at Targhee last year, and he makes an insane amount of coffee every morning and just gives it away.

Mary E isn’t Town Park, but it has it’s own charm. Plus, you can come up to visit Town Park up through Wednesday night to join in on the events and to see all the set ups and then go back to your cozy fire.

The coffee guy is Richard. He absolutely saved my life early one morning!

Sounds good. Sorry if my above post sounded snarky I’m still panicking that I won’t be able to see the Punch Brothers at Sheridan Opera House on Sunday night.

Unfortunately Sir Richard will not be there this year. So better bring your own coffee, sorry :mad. Just a little late to get a ticket. Through the years we have become friends that keep in contact during the off season. :cheers He will however be there for Rockygrass. :thumbsup
every other description of Mary E. is right on spot. It is a great place to stay. :wave I personally think it is one of the best places to stay. There is plenty of space for everybody. I usually get there on Tues afternoon, and the spaces are still pretty well still open. The majority of the people show up on Wed eve/night. But there is always at least some space left over.

Well that is a relief! It is so hard to make this festival really work, I haven’t taken a vacation in like 2 years so it will be really nice to be away from work for an entire week with no internet or what I assume is pretty shitty phone reception in the mountains.

The reception is actually pretty good up in the beautiful mountains of Telluride. However, I just turn my phone off when I park my car at the campground. You won’t need it. :thumbsup

Sorry too if I was snooty… I totally understand the concerns uou have and wish you an amazing Fest and vacation.

Thanks everybody! That info was very helpful. Can’t wait! :thumbsup