Standing room?

Okay, so this has… sort of been covered, but I’m slow and so still not so clear on the specifics! I know there’s standing room toward the side of the stage for dancers/standers, etc, but I also saw mention that toward the end of the night, many people choose to stand in general.

My friends and I are coming in primarily for the Frames (only U.S. date this year!) and they’re playing last on Saturday. Do we need to do tarp rush to be close or will standing be a possibility by that late in the day.

Obviously, haven’t done Telluride before- Sasquatch/Bonnaroo/Lolla/Coachella kind of person and everyone in front generally stands there. So… HELP! a newbie?

Thanks guys! This board is great. :wave

I bet you could just make your way to the front for the last set … without needing a tarp space there all day.

By the time the last band plays, some people pack up and leave, everyone is standing and booging down, and people are very willing to share the open spaces around them.

Of course, it is always worth it to have a good tarp spot for the whole day too!

No need for a tarp for you and your friends. Generally the area up front becomes open to anyone after dark…generally because everyone is standing anyway to keep warm. But please be courteous and at least ask the tarp owner if you can share the area.

Oh, of course. Wow. Thanks guys, this makes things a lot simpler.

Whatever you do, just DO NOT miss the band before The Frames.

Get down front for Yonder at 4:15 and don’t freakin’ move for the rest of the night. Get your porta-john run and your beer run totally out of the way by 7:45 and get back in your spot before 8pm.

When Sam has finished blowing your mind, you might not even remember you came to see The Frames

(just imo, of course :thumbsup)

Amen, Brother!!!

Ah, no worries, man. I’ve actually seen him before (like I said, I’m a Bonnaroo girl) but wouldn’t mind doing so again. I hate that I’m going to be missing so many people Thurs/Fri, but eh… work’s work, what can you do?

Amen Bro
All Hail the King of Telluride !!!

Oh yes ‘sky’ what they say is troo! Don’t spank your children, they’ll grow up an write a book about yo :lolu!