Spring Fed Records

Howdy Ladies and Gents,

My name is Jack and I represent Spring Fed Records out of Woodbury, TN. We are a NON-PROFIT record label that focuses mainly on historical music from the American south. Recently we just set up a booth at Woodbury’s Music in the Middle Festival (Think tiny Bonnaroo. Miniroo) to try to tell festival goers like myself about all of this great folk, blues, bluegrass, and old timey country music.

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Please don’t boot me for spamming. I am not trying to spam, just to tell people with similar interests as myself about this music that time seemed to forget. If all you do is listen to our bandcamp for free, I will be happy. I hope to hear from everyone of you! Take it easy, and come see me at Bonnaroo!

Sounds great! My mom loved Eddie Arnold, Scruggs, all the old ones and they are somewhat ingrained in me. I was trying to learn and remember some of her favs so I started listening to old country. Pretty beautiful lyrics in some. this sounds great! :medal