Special invitation for all the folk coming from Southern Hemisphere in 23

Hello to anyone checking out the forum from down under. This is a very special howdy to you all ( even though we don’t really say howdy do we? ) :smile::smile::smile:.

I’m a massive fan of the festival and over the years have connected quite a few Aussies and Kiwis who are arriving for first time. One of the things that makes Telluride MAGIC is the way you quickly make friends. It’s a beautiful vibe.

However, sometimes it’s hard to make the first move so I like to encourage any folk from down under to join me and friends at First Grass, the amazing free concert held in Mountain Village the night before the festival. I will bring something like a kangaroo flag so you can find me easily too. Sit on the grassy hill near the stage, bring some snacks to share, a rug or towel to sit on. You can buy drinks at the bars and pop ups near the venue. Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, it’s usually warm and bright, will remind you of home. Catch the free gondola in town up the mountain and enjoy a night of chatting, dancing and listening to terrific music. It’s always a fantastic night and a great way to meet new festival people who will quickly become friends. We will probably head out together for drinks afterwards. It’s all very chilled and relaxed. Will post more details closer to the day.

Enjoy the best, most beguiling music festival ever. You will never regret it. I’m completely hooked, love Telluride.

Just pop a reply underneath if you’re interested. This is a photo from a First Grass concert a couple of years ago. I think it’s where I first saw Billy Strings!

Ps locals ALWAYS welcome too, it’s your country, come say hi, we love Americans and hearing your funny voices :joy::joy::joy: :green_heart::blue_heart:

Lesley ( coming from Melbourne)

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Hey Lesley - would you mind if we moved this thread to the “Telluride Bluegrass Festival” subcategory so people going there can see your post?

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Of course! Anything that helps people find it :+1:

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Awesome - got you moved to the right place

I recently chatted with some folks at a Smokies show who had some friends from New Zealand coming to TBF. I’ll try to track them down and point them to this thread :slight_smile:

That’s great. It’s become a kind of gentle tradition and it’s a very nice way to get acclimatised. It’s so easy to make friends at Telluride but always nice to find a few familiar faces in a crowd too


Just got back from holiday in NZ and Australia and I am a wannabe! I am still trying to get tickets though. If I do, I may take you up on your kind invitation to meet some friends from Down Under. Take care Lesley!
Thanks, LJ
Lisa Jones
Whitefish, Montana