Hey everybody. :wave

It seems that as our popularity grows as THE place to festivate on the web, so does our appeal to bogus spammers trying to peddle their stuff.

The Mayor just brought to my attention…(thanks Tom)…3 posts by “shopless” who posted a long list of nokia phones and such that “they”…whoever “they” are…sell for less than anyone. this person registered yesterday, posted 3 long obnoxious threads listing said products, and left.

Obviously this person was a spammer. I’ve deleted the posts, the account, and banned the IP address.

I can’t be on all the boards all the time (believe it or not, we do actually have stuff to do 'round here. :lol)…so if you see anyone you believe to be a spammer, please shoot me a PM.

The last thing I want is a “virtual tarp” full of cheesy advertisements. :wink:

Thanks in advance…have a wonderful day.



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I knew you’d get around to it sooner or later Dustin.

We know you’re busy and can’t be in here all the time. :flower

To the spammers out there…

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I love the idea of a “virtual tarp.” Virtual tarps-r-us.

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thanks dudes :thumbsup

You have cool stuff Tom… and a lot more time that I do. I love reading this stuff at work!


way to go guys! Get those spammers!!! :thumbsup

Thanks Guys for the work yall do to keep things neat around here, yall deserve a raise

Thanks for keeping the forums cleaned up from spam :clap

Yes it is very nice to not have to sort through ads and such just to get updated. Thanks for yalls efforts. :t :cheers


I am helping a longtime resident sell her house in the mtns 12 minutes from Lyons. She asked me to see if I could post it on your site as some of your festival goers might like to live nearby. I don’t want to be a dreaded spammer, so I would like your permission to post some info on the house.


Boulderliz -

I don’t have a problem with you posting the info in the General Discussion…after all, that’s what it’s for!,16754.0.html

Already reported, along with the other posts this individual made. :thumbsup

Moderator -

Can we please get rid of this clown? asnkaofnax

Nothing but garbage.

Thank you! :flower

Being a moderator I can only delete posts that they make in areas of the forum I’m able to.
Some areas of the forum I have no authority to change or delete a post.
In order to actually remove the membership they need to be reported to the forum administrators (BluegrassDustin, BluegrassBrian, Ferg, etc.)
I’ve personally reported them but have left their posts intact as proof of their spamming.
Sometimes the administrators haven’t had the time to act due to other duties, vacation time, sick time, but they will take care of them.

When you notice a spammer report them to the “Admin”. :thumbsup

Good to know Tom! Thanks for educating. :medal

Could somone please enlighten me. What does this serve all this jibberish and ramble? Is it suppose to mean something? Is it suppose to be fun or what? :huh

Unfortunately it’s just inappropriate advertising trying to sell their products. :mad

You mean folks are actually clicking on this crap. Be careful out there. :eek

Slay that Spam, just a few more posts to go and it will be off screen. I think if I were new to this forum and saw that I would avoid the forum so that is why I did so many posts. To bring back, on point for a newbie to see. Sorry for the many, too many posts :lol