Please get rid of this guy

goklingshalph :mad

There’s a Fungus among us.

Tons and tons of SPAM, and shoes. If you need shoes or outdoors stuff don’t talk to that guy… :huh

:lol :lol :lol :lol :medal

Shoes you say, why, gimmie two! :lol

I usually one like one shoe, but heck while yer sellin’ give me two! :lol


Sorry about that…

Sometimes they slip through the cracks. :rolleyes

Should be all good for now.




Thanks, Dustin!



This guy, too.

They’re backkk. AHH


I sent Dustin a message again yesterday but they may be busy taking care of the ranch.
I’m sure they’ll get to it in due time. :thumbsup

Good grief. :argh

Thanks for the heads up, Tom.

At least they are staying on this page…


You were saying? DAMN Spammers! :mad

Murphy’s law, I suppose.

I new I shouldn’t have said anything! :lol

All clear again.

Every time I ban one of them, another one becomes active. Hopefully that’s the last of the sleeper cells…