Songs that "stand on their own well" solo

What songs do you play that sound great solo? I know plenty of fiddle tunes - but they always seem “empty” to my ear when played.

The mando is a remarkable supporting instrument, but when it comes to songs that sound full by themselves - I’m having a hard time finding them.

One I found on youtube was this guys original called mandolin moan. Another I know that sounds great solo is Thile/Marshall “What a Blast”. Other than that - I’m at a loss.


:wave Pickin a solo like Soldiers Joy leaves me feelin sad… sounds sad and empty.
Than I heard someone pick it lightnin fast and it had this real joyful feel…

For me chords sound fuller on the Mandolin and I am discovering that I will be happy to add chords and vocals but leave the solos to someone else.

I can see you are far more accomplished than I on the Mandolin Pen. I think 2 and 3 finger chords do have their place in there somewhere :lol

lol - seems like the more i learn about mando - the less I know. thanks for the complement, but i’m really not that great.

wanna do soldiers joy next? i think i used to know that one. it’s not that hard as i remember. i bet you’d get it with a few hours of practice. and don’t worry about the speed. that will come through repetition.

Ok a pickin tune Soldiers Joy it is. I need lots of work here. Smooth and steady, I’ll start workin on it :thumbsup