Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blues

:wave Wow just got home, wrist band sill in place and man do I have something to say and smile about. :flower

I don’t know where to start ok something old

Traditional Bluegrass will always be this girls home base. I grew up on it, I know it and it just feels like home. The building blocks of Newgrass IMO :wink:

Steep Canyon Rangers just flat out rocked it. Fav :medal this Fest for me
They could just do the same songs forever and I would be happy. :lol Great vocals and each one so talented. The fiddle player just tore it up! Go Nicky!!! :medal :medal :medal

House Band always so smoking and Sammy is like infinity times 3. We all feed off of his light and it is so intense and bright. Makes me cry every flippin time he sings Circles Around Me and now even more because each word is so true. The Sammy Autograph line was so long I got in the Lynn Line, I just wanted to say, Hey! :lol :lol

Rhonda Vincent and The Rage. What can you say about perfection. Man can little gal whale! Her band was just so tight. Dissapointed she did not do her girl gown thing. Powerhouse! No wonder she is so well recognized and another Dolly as far as strong females in music. LOVE IT!!!

Robert Earl Keen, smooth baby, smooth. That pink suit, you have got to have IT and know it. Just loved his style.

more later, Im trying to get unpacked. LOVE and LIGHT. That was fun :lol :medal

Thank you for that PBG and keep reminding and remembering all the greats in Country and Bluegrass and Newgrass. It is so important not to lose the core IMO!!!

Country is part of that core IMO :medal

It was wonderful, wasn’t it?

I cried when we left today, partly sadness, mostly exhaustion I think.

I didn’t grow up on bluegrass, I came to it late.

I cannot express how moving I found the past four days. The generosity of spirit, the kindness, the passion. It was remarkable.

Highlights? Too many, too many but I think seeing Greensky for the first time at Nightgrass was this rock chick’s epiphany. My throat closed up, my heart started beating fast, I couldn’t believe I was three feet away and what a show. ( Greensky - unknown to me until people on this forum made me buy their music, thank you, thank you)

I realised that bluegrass could also be badass.

Need some sleep now, the close out show with Punch Brothers was amazing but I think it meant I lived on about seven hours sleep in last two and a half days.

See you all again soon, new friends.

Lesley :flower :flower

Something New

Kacey Musgraves was the cake. :flower She is just not only wise beyond her years in Lyric she is a visionary. A true entertainer. I absolutely dug her set! Bravo :medal

Brett Dennen I adore the way his clean . clear simple yet so cutting voice rocked through the chatter of the crowd. Such steady clarity in his tone. really hit home with me. :medal :medal

Something borrowed, I heard an amazing amount of cover songs this Fest :flower It is always nice to hear the crowd respond to old songs!!!

Something Blues, can I get a witness. Lake Street Drive was knockin this Chi Town girl down to the matt, I mean tarp. :flower Love that Bluesy edge. :medal All I can say is YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM :medal :medal :medal