Solomon Burke dead @ 70


The passing of a legend - Solomon Burke


Remembering him at the 35th Annual TBF in 2008. His GRAND Procession of Buses, vans and cars rode into the festival filled with his beautiful family. (One can only imagine what backstage parking was like.) He did the Sunday Gospel Set. And he was riveting! Thank you King Solomon. You will be missed.

Thank you for that Sunday morning in Telluride.

The man was truly a legend. His set at the 35th is one of my fondest memories of my first festival. I talked to him afterwards and he was so incredibly personable and friendly. Thank you for everything, King Solomon.

Do you remember the sermon he gave on being a good Father? Tore me up! A beautiful soul indeed.

Rest in peace Solomon.

He will be missed indeed. We are lucky to have such a wonderful memory of a great singer, almost larger than life up there on that velvet throne. Dave, do you have a picture or two you could post?

I wholeheartedly agree! Awesome memories of that Sunday tarp run and waiting for the Gospel according to King Solomon. It was glorious, and my first & only time to see him in person…would love to see some pictures! :thumbsup

So sorry, Dave was off photographing a Elk Park during the Soloman set. Theresa did not have adequate camera gear to capture the moment :(:frowning:

May his journey “up the King’s highway” be a peaceful one.