Solo campers?

Did your friends ditch out on you again this year, and now your running solo with half the shit you were expecting to have? I feel you, mine have done that a few times. Camping with a group and forced into sharing a 2 person tent with 3 people? Yeah, ive been there too.Good news is, I’m pretty over prepared for camping at festivals. I have extra of almost everything. Need a tent? Ive got extra. Forgot to bring your own shade? I got you covered. Forgot the cooler at home and now all you have to eat for 4 days is trail mix? I can probably scrounge up a nice fat grilled cheese for you.
I camp at Lawson. Usually around right centerfield at the crossroad. Stop by, chit chat, borrow an air mattress, batteries, or whatever. If your a decent human, and i can help you have a better festival experience, than im happy to help!

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Solo camper here who doesn’t need my of that stuff, but I like / appreciate your post! And YES to Dead South!!!