Solo at Mary E - Volunteers or Attendees, WhatsApp Group

I’m going to be solo volunteering at the fest this year, my first year ever after trying to attend for the past 5 and it never working out!

Curious if there are any other solo volunteers, or even just solo attendees, who would like to perhaps try to camp near each other, hang out etc? I am planning to arrive on Tuesday morning and did sign up for some early volunteer shifts. I figure we can keep it pretty chill - hang out together as much or as little as desired, assist with setting up camps, share supplies as needed etc.

I am happy to coordinate a WhatsApp group if there is enough interest in such. I know I found a few people on Facebook who might want to join. Let me know!


There’s a thread going here about other solo vols at Mary E. Scroll down it might be burried by new posts.

Thanks for the notice! I’ll check and just keep this one up so others can go find it too!

I just did a search and can’t find a topic concerning Mary E. volunteer/solo attendees. Could be the search function isn’t quite up to par - mind tagging me there or posting a link if you’re able to find it?

Im solo my birthday weekend,
Not volunteering, but solo

I think there may be a thread about solo volunteers camping in Mary E on the Facebook site as well.