So what's up with Peter Rowan's Big Twang Theory?

Just checked the linup again and noticed this … was under the impression it was going to be the Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band.

Can’t really find much info on this configuration except a facebook page of a prior event:

Peter Rowan brings his acoustic/electric combo to our very intimate venue in Point Richmond. The band includes Gabe Witcher, Paul Knight and Nina Gerber.

Has anyone seen this group?

Figured PR was about due to shuffle a bit one of these days.

We were hanging out with the Peter Rowan and his band for a few weeks during their Australian Tour, nice guys. They told me about this and if I recall correctly, it’s Peter with Mike Witcher, Paul Knight and I think another guitar player. But I can’t remember any more than that.

Must have been cool! He has always seemed very easy going from having said hello once & just observing him hanging about crowds. As I mentioned above, there’s a poster bill from a prior event which lists Nina Gerber (who might be the other guitar player you were thinking of).

Sounds like they may have taken a step, maybe not too far, away from the more traditional sound of the bluegrass band ensemble. Would be very much into that if that’s the case … always a fan of the more unique ensembles he’s put together. Crucial Reggae was probably my favorite. Still, PR has always been my favorite @ the TBF … anything from solo to whatever ensemble he happens to have found himself a part of.

We hung out with Peter Rowan at Rockygrass Academy last year quite a lot. One day, during an afternoon rain, we sat under a tent with him & Tim O’Brien for a session. That was one of the coolest things I have ever been a part of! :cheers

:thumbsup Jailer Jailer throw away the key, hey jailer jailer throw away the key. Jailer, Jailer, don’t set me free. My truck, , man I want to hear em do that one.

That sounds so special!!

RGA ROCKS! :pickin
Peter Rowan :medal :medal :medal My truck, is bigger then your truck, :flower

Well I can tell you this you don’t want to miss Nina Gerber if she is playing Guitar with Pete Rowns! She is awesome just saw her with Laurie Lewis at Hippie Jerry’s production of Sweathearts of the Radio in beautiful Point Reyes Station on Valentine’s Day! :pirate

Just confirmed on Nina’s site that she is indeed a part of the Big Twang Theory. Interesting though het site doesn’t list Telluride…but then neither does Pete’s! :huh :pirate

Thanks for relaying the good words about Nina … haven’t seen her before, but Rowns does tend to gravitate toward other interesting musicians!

Ran into the same lack of scheduling clarity as you have, but PB does have the Big Twang Theory as the band. I’m almost positive it wasn’t there originally from the get go, but who knows … maybe an audible was called.

Looks to be a fairly new incarnation & even saw that a trademark was filed by rowns on the name in Janauary … so we might be in the midst of an every couple few years’ pivot!

Yes, Nina sounds right. I heard that the band is more electric.

Speaking of Jailer Jailer, here’s a link to a video I took at a small historic courthouse in Australia where Peter has played the last few years.

As you can see, it’s a very intimate setting.

Thank you! I love this song! Peter is one smooth cool cat. :medal

bump for more info on this ensemble … very interested

It’s interesting, google “peter rowan’s big twang theory” (no quotes) and you’ll see this thread as second in the results list … not much info, and looks like there was just that one show in Richmond back in December.

TBF isn’t even mentioned on PR’s calendar, but it looks like 5/23 PRBTT plays in Petaluma … so maybe we’ll hear something by then.

Regardless, I take the lack of info as a good sign … since there’s probably no need to build anything up, the music will speak volumes for itself.

Nina Gerber’s Web site has her in Telluride with Peter Rowan’s Big Twang Theory. :pirate

I believe Peter Rowan is playing Wed. Afternoon 6/20 in Mountain Village.

Wow, if this is true, then it’s full immersion for PR this time around!

So did anyone see or hear about the PRBTT show in Petaluma yesterday?

Edit: whoops, apparently the show is on 5/28/12 in Petaluma; however, it looks like they’ve played in Boerne, TX on 5/12