So Cheeze replaced Trey???

I feel for the guy but how can I not say the lineup for 10KLF really truly honestly kills so much more???. Not only am I flying halfway across the country, but we jumpin in a rental to drive another couple of hours just to make the gate.

Plus…Weir, Ratdog, UM, G.Mule, Zappa, Keller, Biscuits, EO…

I couldn’t be more stoked.!!!

Anybody have any ideas when Trey’s going to make another appearance?

1-3, 8months if he behaves well.


Trey? Trey who? You sure you’re on the right board, dude?

Only way you’d catch me watching Trey…was if he was backed by his original 3 band-mates. And only after some serious practice/rehearsal sessions… And that there is something that will probably never happen. I really enjoyed the years of PHISH that I cought…mostly 95 to BigCypress.but never got into Treys solo acts at all… In my opinion they were never the same after that NYE show. As for Trey “behaving well”… haha…prob not ever gonna happen. :woohoo