Snow in Town Park?

Someone just told me there is still lots of snow in Town Park. Is this true? I was planning on getting there early on the 8th but don’t want to fight snow. :eek

Hiya! I ran into a Town Park veteran last weekend who had just visited who said TP was clear, but not sure how much wandering he did. Maybe call the TP campground?

The weather forecast looks good for June 8th and forward, maybe a bit cooler and a chance of rain for the goddess walk.

This is the best weather report I’ve seen. I can deal with cooler and only a smidge of rain. Since we’re usually coming from already experiencing 100 degree temps by early June the cooler temps of Telluride are always welcome. In fact I wouldn’t complain about a bit of cloud cover during the main stage days just for a relief from that intense high altitude 70 degree heat! We started having over 90 degree days the last few weeks of April. We’ll have 90 degree days well into October. Three months of the summer are almost unbearable averaging 40+ days over 100. But at home I almost never get a sunburn ever. I’ve never not had a sunburn visiting Telluride in the summer. My toes, ears, arms, anything exposed for longer than 30 minutes gets fried! But, when the clouds roll in I’m all good!

Will do. I like your friends report for snow clearance!!

I am ready for the cooler temps as well. Baton Rouge heat + humidity drives me insane. Doing BBQ in the summer gets tough down here. I am moving to Denver in December, & wont be missing these summers.

Thanks Maple Al. Are you bringing your syrup this year? I would like to purchase a bottle from you please!

FOM :wave hows it looking out there?

Sounds like only snow in TP at the moment is in Arizona Bowl…

Hush, no talk of snow, it’s summer baby, we are thinking shorts, thongs and sunscreen, no horrid cold white stuff to spoil the party.

Now I can’t get “thongs” outta my head… :eek

As long as you get them outta your crack you’ll be just fine :thumbsup

Pluggers or fanny floss?

She means the kind that go on your feet. :lol

:thumbsup nothing lost in translation just a little prefest chuckle. :flower.

You guys! We wear them on our feet. The ones you are talking about are called G strings here

No, I have no idea why either…

Think sunshine! I’m flying out of winter in search of that beautiful Telluride warmth

You mean Flip-Flops!

Thongy :drunk

Not relevant to the topic but… I :love


  1. An Australian shoey, a ‘thongy’ is the art of placing your thong heel first into your mouth, and bending the sides to form a half pipe where your mate then pours a drink down.
    Corey: Jack wanna do a thongy
    Jack: Sure thing, only if its crunchyfrog though
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Hooch/Sugar, please make this happen.

Yes, please. Get on it. Preferably with thongs.