SNL !!!!!!!!

:wave :lol :wave

Did anyone catch SNL lastnight? It was so off the charts funny! :lol
For so many reasons!

Mumford and Son’s just came out crazy strong :medal
It was really a wonderful and powerful performance! Really liked it very much:medal

The band played that spot perfectly :thumbsup :medal :medal :medal

:thumbsup I did and I liked it too. :medal The show was quite funny, tho I’m sure glad I can DVR it watch w/o the suuuuper looong commercials :rolleyes. :cheers

I only made it to the end of Weekend Update. :zzz

What did they play for their second song?

:lol Me too only made it through the weekend update :lol

Hard to tell but a few of those long commercials were actually skits…dang it was so funny this time.

“Below My Feet” and both videos are up on SNL website. Liked the “Tre Equis” skit/commercial, and “The Undecided Voter” seems almost more scary than funny…

:lol :lol :lol :lol :medal and the GOP Tampons made by Republicans tore me up I almost fell off the couch! :lol :lol :lol :lol Ahhhhhhh so funny, still laughing. :medal