jams or friendly jams to newer players in Town Park?

Any Town Park camps or players out there have any picking sessionss that are friendly to newer players?

I’m a beginner bluegrass guitar player - can execute basic boom strums, etc and certainly won’t offend (relatively speaking) - but when it comes to the break that’s where I most likely will pass unless the beat is less than 70 BPM.

Always welcome to come play with us and the lampshades. We don’t know a lot of traditional songs, also not much on taking tasty breaks, but we know lots of songs and typically play a lot of 80’s and 90’s pop songs in a folky bluegrass way. We do know a lot of old country songs too. But we’ll slow jam some bluegrass if you know the tune. We’ll have others in camp that are walking songbooks too. Seems like there’s been a post about a beginners jam in Camp Billy prefest.


Check out the Slow Jam Pick at Fishbone on Monday at 2pm!


Thx, Lucas. Darn it, won’t be arriving until Tuesday.

Come by Camp Parasite (across from camp host) on Tuesday. We call it a “safe jam” and I think you’ll fit right in!


Cool. Looking forward to it.