Sick Chris Thile & Brian Sutton Jam

Im posting this in the off chance someone here hasnt seen it yet. I chose the TBF forum becuase with both of these guys on the roster im really hoping they do a set together at this years FESTIVAL!!!

21 minutes of smoking play!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Apparently I cant embed Video here but if ya click on any of the highlighted links it works just fine.

Thanks for posting the links :thumbsup

I had not seen this footage…great stuff.

Great! One more thing to distract me from my work today and make me wish for summer festivals!

this is great stuff, Thanks! Anyone know where and when it’s from?



Best info i’ve been able to dig up is that its for a broadcast of “The Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour”. I didn’t find a date but it doesnt look much more than a year or two old, at the very most, to me. Im probably wrong about all that though. I couldnt find any real “reliable” info.

I love this stuff!!! The prospect of POSSIBLY getting to see these two guys pull off something similar live gets me sooo psyched for festival! I hope it happens!!!

Knowing that the tradition has these very capable hands to pass the torch to points to a very bright future for the music and is incredibly inspiring to me!!

FESTIVAAAAALLLLL!!! Bring it on!!! :concert

Here’s “raining at sunset” from the same night I believe. :cheers

Oh and Dustin, thanks for cleaning up my mess. Sorry bout that! :cheers

Sweet, I forgot about that video!

The full performance is from the Woodsongs radio show, here’s the archive link:

Its show 199, the wmv on the above page is 175 megs with a total length around an hour and a half… Enjoy, and be sure to check out some of the other shows, there are tons of them.


That was wicked sick actually. Thanks for postin’ that. I liked the Norweigen Wood lick incorporated into that. Watching players like that gives you a serious reality check. As RRE puts it “I’ve gotta’ longgggg way to go!”

:thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

Wow! Thanks for posting this. I laughed out loud a couple times while watching this just out of shear glee. Genius playing.

:thumbsup Glad so many of you enjoyed it. Its one of my favorites. Im keeping my fingers crossed for a similar “tweener” at this years TBF :slight_smile:

Banjomatic thanks for the info and the link!! :cheers

Well, here’s a place to get lost for awhile. Thanks so much for pointing it out Adam!

Thanks for the woodsongs link. I had a blast exploring and listening yesterday while I cleaned up my house.

This is a Keeper !