Shuttle to/from Mary E. Illium

Hi all. Where can i find info on Mary E. Illium shuttle schedule?
How many times per day does it pick up/drop off?
How early in the morn and late in the evening can you you catch it?
HOw often does it run?
How long does it take for the time between boarding and arrival @ festival grounds?
Are there certain times you cant get on it because bus is full and you have to wait for next shuttle?
Thank you.

It’s been a few years since I rode that shuttle but in general this how I remember it.

There is no schedule. There are two to three school buses starting around 7:30 AM and running until after the last show. They start the day 20 - 30 minutes apart but later in the day you might wait longer than 20 minutes. They run continuously all day long. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the festival. The buses get full after the last act when everyone leaves at once. It could take a while but eventually everyone gets a ride back to Mary E.

TIP: Later on at night you can get on at the courthouse/Elks Park stop and catch a bus on its way in. Just make sure you are on a Mary E bus. The buses are marked.

Thanks so much Marco music, appreciated!
For clarification: Later on at night elks park courthouse can catch a ride IN… to Mary Illium?

I meant “in” on its way to Town Park. The inbound buses are virtually empty that time of day and nearly everyone is trying to catch an outbound bus back to Mary E. You get on at the courthouse and stay on when the bus stops at Town Park to pick up passengers for its return to Mary E.

Gondola and Shuttle days/times

Shuttle Hours:
6/15 - Wednesday: 7am - 3am
6/16 - Thursday: 7am - 3am
6/17 - Friday: 7am - 3am
6/18 - Saturday: 7am - 3am
6/19 - Sunday: 7am - 2am
6/20 - Monday: 7a - 2pm

Gondola Hours:
6:30am - Midnight Every Day
6:30am - 2am on Wednesday - Sunday of Festival

Erndog, so very helpful, the lank and all, much appreciated!