Shower availability from Ilium

Wondering how much of a hassle to go from Ilium campground to the showers at the high school and back.
Does the shuttle go to the high school? Will we need to lug around our toiletries and dirty clothes all day too, or is it "doable’ to go shower, back to camp and then to MUSIC !!! ?? :huh :huh :band

It will be time consuming. I just put on the clothes I was going to wear for the day then stopped by and showered then headed to the festival. Remember to that you want to time arriving at town park early enough to get a pretty decent tarp spot.

Its a Major Pain in the butt … unless you get up at the crack of dawn every day
look for a Hot Shower solution in camp if possible
Coleman has a good one but 200 bucks …

Why not just bring a sun shower? they are fairly inexpensive and easy to pack!

Their is also the option of getting funky with your bathing or pouring water from the river over yourself

Warning :
River water …COLD !!!

True, but I live in Montana, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve bathed in a freezing mountain river, and it wouldn’t be the last :lol

Besides…cold mountian water gets those vocal chords ready for the high notes during pickin sessions :pickin!

I usually buy a big pack of handi-wipes, pour in a bunch of extra Witch Hazel, and use them to keep from being too smelly between showers. It’s not a full-blown bath but it’s better than nothing and warmer than mountain water.

We stayed at Ilium last year and never did make it to the high school for showers. The logistics seemed too difficult. We did fine living with a layer of funk and the occasional baby wipe rubdown, but MAN did that shower in Durango feel good that Monday after the festival!

Ya go to Bass Pro Shop, REI or some other camp like store, buy one of these “Sunshowers” (link provided) ,
leave it in the sun all afternoon or fill with hot water boiled over the campfire, and you are fresh as a daisy. Nuff said :flower

Good info Jo thanks! :thumbsup

And Lotus will think it’s sooooo cool to shower outside…our little girls always loved slipping into their sleeping bags at night with true camp feet but clean hair. :love

I’ll second the Sunshower tip!
I’ve experienced them before at festivals, they’re the ultimate item if showers aren’t readily available…You just have to get a mate with a towel to play the part of the shower curtain! :cheers

A bucket some bronners soap and a bathing suit also works well

Oh man …

Careful there Ron… I would suggest you simply make friends with someone staying in a condo and then go shower with them. We save much water that way :flower :flower


well if she ends up in Town park with us Hot Showers are covered …
along with the Towel Boy …
:evil :cheers :evil

Ron, I think the time has come for me to enter the line of forum festivarian traditition and voice what I mean in a simple, honest and friendly manner (with absolutely no bad feelings :slight_smile: ) :

Shut up Ron!!!

If you’re not careful and I do end up in TP, it’s a bucket of iced river water you’ll be getting as your morning shower, and I don’t guarantee that you’ll be undressed and in a vertical position (or out of your tent for that matter) either!


:lol :lol :lol :medal :lol :lol :lol
:flower :flower :flower

Well said Ladybug
well said !!