Showcase songwriter contest statistics...

Hey all,

Does anyone have a list of all who have been finalists at the Folks Festival Songwriter contest? Seems to me someone has got to have all this information… I wish I had been more diligent myself in keeping this, considering I have been to almost all of the festivals that had the contest… alas, I was not that diligent. I seem to remember a part of this website at one time was dedicated to showing who played at all of the Folks Festivals… is that still available?

I would love to hear someone has this information… anyone? See you song schoolers in August!

– Bill Nash

Did you look at the Folks Festival Archives? :flower

Hey Bill,

My guess is that if you could get even just ONE person from each year, they might be able to give you a rough list of who was there that year. Every year there seem to be a few people that are either Song Schoolers or Planet Bluegrass “regulars” that you could ask.

I’d be happy to help, if you wanna start compiling.