Shopping for supplies on the way....

So when my wife and I arrive in Denver for the festival, we’ll need to pick up some supplies that we can’t travel with, chairs, couple xtra tarps, food, etc…

I was thinking of stopping at an REI location along the way, but weren’t sure compared to other places along the way, if they’d be too pricey. I don’t shop at WalMart, so would like to avoid that place.

Residents or regular travlers to Colorado, can you suggest any places on the way from Denver to T-ride that may have nice affordable supplies?

Thanks kindly.

If you want just basic chairs etc… You may do just as well shopping at the hardware store in town. I don’t believe their prices are too inflated.

We looked EVERYWHERE for those short comfy chairs in the Boulder/Denver area before the fest, and we ended up buying some backpacking chairs that weren’t as comfortable. Then, we walked into the hardware store in town and they were on display!! We should have waited, that was a few days into the festival so it doesn’t look like they sell out (at least they didn’t last year).


Sports Authority has decent supplies and prices. There’s one here in Grand Junction at the mall, so if you are travelling the northern route then that’s an option. We also have a Sportsmans Warehouse. But, of course, Denver has those stores too if you can find them near the interstate. Let me know if you want directions to anywhere in Grand Junction if you roll through town.

If you take I-70 all the way into Grand Junction, there’s a Sportsman’s Warehouse just west of the 70/50 junction.

We were planning the more scenic route from Denver and less 1-70, even though what I’m used to driving in Ohio, I know both routes will be just as scenic for us. I like the idea of the hardware store in T-ride, sounds like they’ll be in stock based on previous comments. I’ll see how this topic progresses. Thanks all for the advice thusfar!


Gander Mountain Sports
14100 E Jewell Ave

This is approximately 20 minutes (10 minutes there and 10 back to I70) of out of way travel time if you elect to do I70 route or it is right along the way towards Hampden Ave (US 285) if you want to travel the scenic way to Tride

To get there from Denver Int Airport…

Merge onto PENA BLVD toward AIRPORT EXIT
Merge onto I-70 W/ US-36 W via the exit on the LEFT. 1.6 miMap Avoid
Merge onto I-225 S via EXIT 282 toward AURORA/ COLORADO SPRINGS. 7.3 miMap Avoid
Take the ILIFF AVE exit, EXIT 5. 0.3 miMap Avoid
Turn LEFT onto E ILIFF AVE. 0.2 miMap Avoid
Turn LEFT onto S ABILENE ST. 0.5 miMap Avoid
Turn RIGHT onto E JEWELL AVE. 0.1 miMap Avoid
End at 14000 E Jewell Ave Aurora, CO 80012 Map
Estimated Time: 22 minutes Estimated Distance: 17.71 miles

It is literally adjacent to I225. If you want scenic this is the most scenic route from Denver to Tride… Hop back on, take I225South to I25North, exit onto Hampden Ave (I285), which takes you west through Denver into the foothills and follow that all the way through South Park, Co over the pass into the Arkansas River valley, go across the Arkansas River, turn right at the stop sign (where the prison is, can’t miss it) head north on US 24 into Buena Vista (approx 5-10 minutes), look for Cottonwood Pass sign, go over CPass into the Taylor River basin (gorgeous) and continue towards Gunnison, then US 50 to Montrose and south to Ridgeway (US 550) on your way to Tride. This trip will take approx 7-7.5 hours because there is always construction along the Taylor River basin at this time of year, and you are going over Cottonwood Pass, which isn’t paved part of the way, No worries, and no need for 4wheel drive doing it this way. Stunning views of Taylor Park, big mountains, great camping/hiking/fishing. The camping along the Taylor River (carcamping, many unoccupied campsites during the week) is amazing as well as the fishing. And the upper several hundred yards of the Taylor River is public and has the biggest wild fish in the state, due to mysis shrimp filling their guts. But don’t expect to catch one of em, they are very leader shy and difficult. If you want to go I70 route expect about a 6.5 hour drive. You can also elect to turn left on US 24 headed south towards Salida and go over Monarch Pass towards Gunnison if you want to try another very scenic route

Wow…sweet advice Dave, THANKS!!!

could you be a bit more specific though. :wink: Seriously though, thanks, I think I know which route we’ll be for sure taking and where to stop!!


You’re welcome. By the way, the drive along I70 is sweet also, you travel along the Glenwood Canyon adjacent to the Colorado river, and then head through Colorado wine country through Palisade, Co on your way to Tride. A nice alternative and this is the 6/6.5 hour route. Also, FYI, if you want a wonderful camping experience enroute that is 45 minutes from Tride, try Ridgeway State Park right before the town of Ridgeway, Co. It sits adjacent to the Uncompaghre River, has several sweet campsites (that aren’t carcamping sites, they have “carts on wheels” to move your camping gear from parking lot across the river to campsites) nestled bw pine trees (no pine beetle kill there yet) affording you serenity. Three of the sites site approx. 20 yards above the river giving you that “listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul” sound. Ok i’m giddy about Tride and starting to sound sappy, so I’ll stop…


Scenic Route? Heck! It’s all scenic one way or tother!

Agreed, I think were going to hit up the store Dave mentioned then take the quicker route the entire way or take 70 half way then “backroads” the rest of the way. If we were getting there on Monday or Tuesday, it’d be a different story, but since were getting there Wednesday, I’d like to get to our camp asap and get a chance to acclimate to the climate prior to Yonder that night. Like I said earlier, being we’re from southern Ohio, driving with our eyes closed would be more scenic than what we’re used to!!


There is a huge REI store just off of I-70 near downtown Denver. You would be passing right by it no matter which way you chose to drive. For grocery supplies and such, be sure to stop in Montrose (about 90 minutes before T-ride) you will save a ton of money compared to the grocery in T-ride.