Shipping to T-Ride

Hey there guys,
Sorry if this has already been addressed. I am wanting to ship some fresh Maine steama’s to T-ride. Where can we ship to?

either general delivery at the USPS, or to Mailboxes etc. 970 728 8111. remember, there is no weekend delivery to telluride from ups or fedex, as well as no ‘priority’ delivery. plan accordingly.

Thanks John!
Take care

One year we had Oriental Traders send us a bunch of stuff “General Delivery”. They mistakenly sent it UPS instead of USPS as requested and it sat on a shipping dock in Grand Junction until we found an address in T-ride to have it forwarded to.Don’t make that mistake.
The Tiki BAR WILL BE open! Gary

YEAH!!! something to remind me of hooommeeeeee :slight_smile:

I want some too! Send me some!

However, if you ship to Mailbox etc (which may have changed its name to UPS store or something else in the buyout. Call them and ax them what the charges will be for the drop as they charge for everything!

I like the post office better for this type of stuff!

“Fresh Maine steama’s”, huh? Hmmmm, not sure what that is but I’m guessing it’s oysters? In that case, you can just ship them to me. I can’t promise they’ll find their way to the festival, though… :evil :evil

The only thing I want to know is…



Are you are you shipping and steaming LOBSTERS? I can bring the BUDDA!