Shane Koyczan ticket

I bought a ticket to see Shane back in January. I just found out he’s going to appear in Palmer Lake the next night. I live 8 miles away. So I have one ticket for March 10 at the Wildflower Pavilion in Lyons. It’s a Will Call ticket and the staff at Planet Bluegrass explained to me how we could transfer it.

Cost is $20. I can arrange to meet in south Denver. 303-396-5980 (text OK)

this way I can take some friends to see Shane.

A ticket to ride :medal.
Shane was outstanding! Every word that rolls of his tongue packed with meaning. His voice rising and falling with emotion. So raw and real and you cannot help but feel! I felt connected instantly on a deeper level. The way he groups words was so interesting to me. I kept thinking he would catch his breath after the rhyme but he staggers it a few words later. So fresh. I want to hug em. Loved seeing all of you and Shane was mesmerizing.

Thank you