Shady Grove Camping

I purchased a camping pass for THE FARM & now I’m reading that additional camping will soon go on sale for the SHADY GROVE camping south and across the river on THE FARM property. Does anyone know if this is a more desirable place to camp than THE FARM? Also, what would be the load-in/out spot for that camping?

Hi There,

The website has information about the new Shady Grove campsite:

All ticket holders received an email describing the new Shady Grove campsite explaining that it’s an area that’s been untouched since the flood so there are absolutely no vehicles and no vehicles can be present for load in/out. All camping materials will be carried over the pedestrian bridge (over the river) from the Farm to the campsite. Absolutely no idling or parking of vehicles of any kind on Apple Valley Road - ever.

Shady Grove has apple trees and other trees that provide shade. There’s also the sandstone cliff on the south side of it, so it will likely be one of the “cooler” campgrounds. With that in mind, it may be the more chilly of all of the campgrounds in the evenings and at night as the sandstone cliffs block out the evening sun (from my experience walking the grounds).

Absolutely no open fires of any kind, the grassland vegetation is not grazed, so that would be a huge fire hazard. Please be considerate of the delicate ecosystem and mind the roped off areas.

Refund deadline for RockyGrass tickets is April 8th, please reference the website on how to request a refund of your Farm Camping passes if you decide to purchase Shady Grove camping passes when they go on sale March 31st at 10:00a.

Ticket Info (refund request info):

Hope this helps! :green