for Robert Plant anyone?

This is probably not much help (as I didn’t write it down) but all of the following songs were played. The order is definitely approximate if not downright incorrect, and this is incomplete for sure, though a decent starting point (I hope) for figuring it all out :slight_smile:

Black Dog
Angel Dance
House of Cards
Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
What Is And What Should Never Be
Please Read The Letter
Misty Mountain Hop
Ramble On

Harm’s Swift Way
Gallow’s Pole

I don’t remember what the Buddy, Patty, or Darrell songs were, but each of them had a head song peppered throughout the set.

Buddy ripped on lead guitar, by the way; he’s no Jimmy Page, but he wasn’t trying to be!

The Darrell song was Satisfied Mind, I believe.

Was Gallow’s Pole really the last song? I left during that song to beat the rush… Was hoping I didn’t miss anything. :slight_smile:

They also played
Down To the Sea
Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go (Buddy Miller)
I’m In the Mood
maybe one or two others, great way to end another great festival

Also, I think they played Houses of the Holy and Black Country Woman (“not exactly Shakespeare”).

I know Erndog was upset that they didn’t play Stairway to Heaven. He said he was gonna throw his cast iron skillet through the window of the tour bus when it came by! Now that was funny.

I just posted my recording of the performance on

Here’s the setlist:
01 Black Dog
02 Down To The Sea
03 Angel Dance
04 What Is And What Should Never Be
05 House Of Cards
06 Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go
07 Monkey
08 A Satisfied Mind
09 Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
10 Ocean Of Tears
11 Black Country Woman
12 In The Mood
13 Houses Of The Holy
14 Please Read The Letter
15 Misty Mountain Hop
16 Ramble On
17 Harm’s Swift Way
18 Gallow’s Pole

Y’all did a darned good job of remembering. I’m horrible at remembering setlists after a show, even when I’m completely sober.

Thank you all!!!

This is just awesome, thanks for sharing! :thumbsup