Seriously, do i really need to pack thermals?

So, last year i dragged puffer coat, thermal shirt, thermal pants, jumper, boots and tights to Telluride from Australia for TBGF. Cause everyone warned me that it gets REALLY cold when the sun goes down.

Ended up in shorts, t shirt, sandals and cowboy hat the whole time

So…am packing my gear, do i REALLY need to take up half my bag on the plane with that stuff again she asked hopefully? I have packed my hat.

Advice from veterans please? :flower :wave

Ps am wearing Uggs as we speak, cannot wait for the sunshine

You never know. I’ve been snowed on. Several times.

It’s been as low as 38F (3.33C for you people) overnight on several nights during the fest. It was 38*F there a couple nights ago, too. Take your chances . . . I’m sure you can find a jumper to jump into if you play your cards right

I know it’s a lot of stuff to haul such a long way, but it’s always better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. If you were not camping you could probably get away with leaving a lot behind, but since you are camping, I’d say bring it.

Hey Lesley,
I think you’ve got lodging in town, right? I’d say you could travel a little lighter if you wanted. The forecast doesn’t show temps below freezing for the next week. And though I wouldn’t leave the puffy or the rain coat behind, there’s always the Patagonia store in town if it turns out to be much chillier than you’re prepared for. And there will always be someone at Kamp DukTape with an extra whatever if you need to borrow a layer.
Can’t wait to see you!

I’m no veteran of the fest, but I’ve live in a mountain valley that is often one of the coldest in Utah at night but can be blazin’ during the day. I agree with Mr. Duk Tape that you could trim back a little. I’d make sure you still have a good shell to keep the rain and wind out, your thermals and a couple layers. I’d be inclined to drop the puffer jacket. You should be able to add a thinner layer than the puffer, and be fine. Plus someone in camp will be able to offer another layer if needed.

Plus you said you would be drinking Crunchy Frog this year … that’s all the layering you’ll need! :lol

Thank you so much team, have serioisly reduced the cold weather gear. Could not sleep last night, the bag packing seems to have aroused a kind of " come on, let’s get out of here" response…soon, soon, see you all or as we say " check you later"

Hooray, summer sunshine, music and friends :flower :flower :flower

Here is the Accuweather link for June, for Telluride.

We have been watching pretty close, though things could still change quite a bit, the overnight lows all week have warmed up about 10 degrees from originally in the mid 30’s, now mid 40’s most nights.

Friday the 17th the only suspect rain day, so far! :slight_smile:

We are camping out at Mary E, so we are all bringing thinsulate bottoms/tops, and just going to layer up, and skip any coats.
Remember, feet, fingers and head are the most important areas to keep warm. Even a thin cotton beanie on your head, covering those ears will help retain body warmth!

:flower Seriously - I know a hippie who will keep you warm.


Thanks Hippie! I will get in line! You heartbreaker you :wave :wave :flower

That’s Hippie aka “Bad Santa”’!!!

Dont worry, im tough Aussie chick, we live with more animals that want to kill you than anywhere on earth. We laugh in the face of danger

I would also have to agree that since you are not camping that thermals would not be necessary. I would bring the warm outerwear and that will get you home from Greensky late night. The thermals are really for the campers. They make great Jammie’s when it is cold all night! :pirate

Agree! I have to say i DANCED all the way home from Greensky last year, have left out thermals from bag but threw in a rain coat…come on summer, cannot wait

Thanks everyone happy trails