Sending personal message?

When I try to send a PM, I type in the visual verification twice, once in the top and once int eh bottom, hit send and it just resets the visual ver and does not send the message. I’ve tried several times and each time its the same.

Make sure your login hasn’t timed out.
Try logging in again and send your message.
You shouldn’t get the verification code then. :flower

I still get the verification code and no message gets sent.

Since i am a noob, is there something about new memebers with few posts that inhibits PMs.

Thanks for your help Tom

:huh Dustin, any help here?

There shouldn’t be anything in the way. I checked all the settings…

MrEdyoulis…try logging out and logging back in. See what that does for you.

Hey it worked this time. Thanks guys!

I’m a new member too, and I’ve been having the same problem. I fill out the form, do both letter recognition things, and then it just seems to refresh the page when I hit send.

I’ve tried logging out and in multiple times, with no effect. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!

apparently, 5 posts will do it, so, for me, this is #4 :slight_smile:

Looking to be able to message :slight_smile:

Post one more time and you should be able to send PMs. 6 posts are required I believe before you can PM

Thanks! This should do it for me then.