Send good vibes

This is totally off-topic BUT can you all think good vibes, karma, prayers ( whatever your preference) etc… Alex, my younger son, is in the hospital. He had a ruptured appendix… He’s holding his own right now 24 hours after surgery but he is in alot of pain… Also, I am totally freaked since Steve came close to dying from a ruptured appendix about 12 yrs ago.

:vibes Alex

I hope he has a speedy recovery. :flower
Mine burst when I was 13 years old so I know what it’s like. :eek

poor alex! I am sending only positive energy his way right . . . now! Please tell him hello for me and to get better soon. Debbie… how was your trip with the boys??? PM me with the lo-down?? Miss you guys!


:wave feed him some ice cream for me… Oh . . . wait, that was for tonsils. :flower

get well soon buddy


Oh Debbie! Give Alex our best and hang in there Mom! It’ll get better soon! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

Ice cream is always good, or just ice, sending my good luck wish charms your way.

How’d you do that Dustin? :flower


Good vibes are radiating from Arvada, CO Debbie. How is Alex doing ?
Keep us updated as you can.
Hugs and kisses.
Teresa and Dave

Just to let everyone know that Alex is now doing fine… He was in the hospital for a week but was able to finally go to school yesterday and did ok. He did misss the 1st two weeks but should be easy for Alex to catch up… Thanks everyone

I’m glad he’s doing good. :flower
Karma does help. :thumbsup

All my best… :flower