See you kids in the mornin'

After potentially the worst work week in my entire career, I am freaking out of here and on my way. AJ, I am looking for you :cheers

See all of you fine folks in the morning :cheers

Cheer up my friend we all have those bad weeks. Me too I ate those killer tomatoes you have heard about on the news last week. See it could be worse :flower

It seems like it’s always a bad week right before TBF. Rough one here too!! But it will all be better soon!! See you in Telluride in mere hours!!

Safe travels!!!
You are now headed to the best fesivaaaaal in the world! I think things couldn’t be better!

Landshark, …killer tomatoes? You ok??

I have so much work to do before I leave it’s crazy, but I figure I’m gonna get in the mood starting,NOW. And what does that mean, a cold one, some great tunes and a nice steady pace. I’m already feelin’ the love and sunshine takin over me, there is somethin’ really really good just around the corner :medal

NO, not really(pretty weak) but I feel much better today. I should feel like myself by Tride. Thanks for askin’ sure do appreciate the kindness :flower