See Tickets - "Your Wristbands will be shipped" info

I’m hoping to orchestrate a ticket trade through the Forum and it looks like rather than a print at home ticket with a barcode (which could be easily emailed to a buyer or someone who wants to work with me on a trade) See Tickets will be shipping wrist bands that I will receive by July 24?

So, no more print at home tickets you bring and then get a wrist band at Rockygrass? Isn’t this is going to make selling or trading a ticket on the Forum rather difficult? Do you See my problem?

If anyone can provide some clarity on this I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

Excellent question - I’ve been wondering the same for both RG and TBF. I’ve pinged Geoff with PB to point him to this thread in hopes that he can provide some clarity for us!

While we patiently wait for Geoff or someone else from PB to chime in, I did a little digging:

Within Seetickets for things like vehicle passes or the like you can click on “Details” and in the top right you may see “Ticket Transfer” If you click there it’ll pop up a box where you can transfer that particular item to another person’s e-mail address. This appears to only apply to items listed as “Print@Home” delivery. Anything that says “USPS First Class Package Tracked” does not appear to have a simple built-in function to transfer them.

However under that same details page there is the option to edit your shipping address. So that could potentially be a workaround with this big exception: it would apply to everything under that order (let’s say you only want to sell of one extra pass, this would not be a suitable solution).

I truly hope the PB crew creates a straightforward way to ensure any tickets we are being actively encouraged to buy and sell via this forum can exchange hands safely and securely. The current lack of transparency is very likely to lead to good folks getting scammed or taken advantage of - on either side of the transaction.

Hey all,

Thanks for your patience here! I am working on some details with See Tickets and hope to have all of your options for you by end of day tomorrow.

Will post them here asap.


Happy Friday Festivarians,

Here is the link to the Ticket Transfer Options on our website:

This page isn’t live yet to the public as I wanted to bounce them off you guys first. Go easy on me since this is going to be the first year that we use RFID wristbands and we are learning the ropes together but I wanted to get your feedback before sharing them with the world.

The transfer dates are such because our credit card processor allows us to process refunds for 120 days after the purchase so the date had to be within that window. Wristbands will ship shortly after those dates for TBF and RG anyway.

FYI, I have looked into Lyte as a secondary market option but the fees they want to charge you guys didn’t sit right with us so we created Option 4 complement the existing See Tickets options.

Nothing is written in stone yet so please let me know your thoughts in this thread.

Thanks all,

Thanks for all of this Geoff. Overall I think you’ve found some good ways to formalize transfer processes.

It’s not entirely clear but do the transfer deadlines apply to print@home tickets? Seems like not but I wanted to double check.

What’s the process for switching a ticket from Print@Home to Will Call/RFID or vice versa? Just call the box office?

My only constructive criticism is that this is a lot of information to digest but perhaps that’s the nature of the beast given the complexity of the way you folks have opted to sell tickets these days.

TLDR: When in doubt about the above, call PB for answers to ticket transfers.

Oh and perhaps consider changing the font size on that linked site. I reduced it to 30% in my browser yet each paragraph still took up my entire screen making it more challenging to fully understand.

A couple good questions:

Print@Home tickets, after the refund deadlines, can still be switched to Will Call and transferred via the “friends and family method” or the “ID/last four” method. They can also be emailed or even the old print-them-out-and-give-them-to-someone method.

You can switch tickets from Print@Home to Will Call or Will Call to Print@Home. You can switch RFID to Will Call but not Will Call to RFID. To do this you will need to contact See Tickets either by email: or by phone: 323-908-0607.

It is a lot but we are trying to be as thorough as possible to prevent issues.

I will see what I can do about the font size.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey Geoff,

Any idea when the ticket transfer information you outlined above will go live? Thank you for helping those of us who didn’t end up with exactly what we hoped for come up with a solution and ability to help each other out!

Thanks again!

We bought tickets in January and moved on with life. I now see it says that our wristbands will be mailed to us “in the spring.” I’m panicked I’ve tossed them like junk mail. Any idea when ticket shipping is happening for rockygrass?

They definitely haven’t shipped out yet. You’ll get a notification via email when they do.

Thanks @Geoff for the RG Ticket Transfer link. However these options only account for trade/sell options PRIOR to the deadline. What’s the information on refund/resell tickets post-deadline?

Has anyone received RockyGrass wrist bands in the mail?

Got ours in the mail today!