See Tickets Message

Just received this message from See Tickets asking me to verify my shipping address. Part of the message was rather curious. it said: “If you have camping and/or campground vehicle passes, you were prompted to select either Print @ Home barcodes or Will Call at purchase. If you selected Print @ Home, those barcodes were emailed to you on the day of purchase.”
I do not remember any option to print barcodes at home back at 2019. My receipt just says “Your wristbands will be shipped”. Was anyone able to print any barcodes at home?
Buckeye Dog

I agree this verbiage isn’t very clear.

It’s my understanding that everything that does not include entrance to the festival will be a print at home barcode or will call.

Town Park Pass: Shipped wristband
Warner Field: Shipped wristband
4 Day Pass: Shipped wristband
Vehicle Passes: does not include entrance to the festival so it is a barcode or will call. I believe either way here you’ll need to go to the ticket booth to exchange for your vehicle pass sticker.

As a caveat to the above, there are some circumstances where wristbanded items might be at will call (in the instance of a ticket transfer as an example) or I believe they made it an option to do wristbands as will call at check out for international folks.

Still clear as mud?

Did you get any e-mail with barcodes?

I personally did not because I only have 4 TP. Those “tickets” say they’ll be shipped at the top. I poked around a bit and someone I know with a VP received an emailed barcode.

I haven’t gotten anything, but my Town Park wristbands are ‘pick up at will call’.