See Tickets for Academy - how'd it go?


I had a pretty easy process - in fact I got in - which is more I can say for many other years.

How’d it go for you?



Hey Billy :wave
I got in during the queue and at 9am I was assigned position 172, but I still got in for instrument building! :hop

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Awesome, Paul! I was number 240 and was able to get Banjo Novice. Interestingly, I went back into the queue a few minutes later and there were still mando novice and advanced available…which really surprised me and made me wonder if people got kicked out during the process.

Either way, I’ll see you there (but most likely first at T-Ride!)


I got kicked out during the process, was on right at 10 am and didn’t get a slot. I am looking for mando slot if you know anyone.

There is a new category for anyone looking for an Academy pass. Please post here so that you have a chance of getting an Academy pass: RockyGrass Academy Ticket Exchange / Swap