See Tickets Email - Notice of Security Compromise

Did others here receive this email pretty much saying See Tickets got hacked and our personal info, including credit card info, was stolen? See below for extract:

Vivendi Ticketing US LLC d/b/a See Tickets (“See Tickets”) is writing to advise you of a recent security compromise that may impact the security of certain personal information related to you. We write to provide you with information about the security compromise, the steps we have taken since discovering the compromise, and the steps you can take to better help protect your information should you feel it appropriate to do so. See Tickets takes the security of your personal information very seriously and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this event may cause.

WHAT HAPPENED? In May 2023, See Tickets became aware of unusual activity on certain of its e-commerce websites. In response, See Tickets began working with third-party cyber forensic specialists to determine the nature and extent of the compromise, secure its websites, and identify what information may have been affected and to whom it relates.

In May and June of 2023, See Tickets’ third-party cyber forensic specialists determined that an unauthorized party(ies) inserted multiple instances of malicious code into a number of its e-commerce checkout pages resulting in unauthorized access to, and acquisition of, certain customer payment card information used to make purchases on the websites between February 28, 2023 and July 2, 2023. Once the forensic specialists determined the dates of compromise, See Tickets took steps to identify potentially impacted customers who made purchases during this time period. This process completed on July 21, 2023, and See Tickets moved quickly to notify you.

Please also note that as part of its response to this compromise, See Tickets took steps to implement additional safeguards to further help protect the security of payment card information on its websites. Additionally, See Tickets notified applicable regulatory bodies as required.

WHAT INFORMATION WAS INVOLVED? Our investigation determined that the following types of your personal information were accessed and/or taken without authorization: your name, address, and payment card information.

Yes, but I thought it was spam and deleted.

Same. Figured it was spam, particularly when they asked for my SSN. Can someone from Planet Bluegrass confirm??

I’m not a PB employee but Kroll is a legit credit monitoring and repair company who is often hired by companies who may have lost/compromised user data. I too received the notice and it appears to be legit.

It appears that SeeTickets may have compromised your data and they are offering 1 year of credit monitoring and protection via Kroll for free. This usually costs $10-20/mo. Might as well take advantage of it.

At the very least, if you’re a SeeTickets user, you should check your credit report and the statements of any credit card saved to your account to ensure no fraudulent purchases have been made.

Yep, this PDF is on the See Tickets website and details the security breach:

Why would they need your social security number?

Yes, received and signed up for the monitoring.