Seating / sound preferences from those that went to Rockygrass?

Can anyone tell me how the seating area has changed particularly with regard to shade and sound quality since the flood? It looks from the pictures I could find that the big trees to center left are still standing, which is fantastic. Are there still trees along the river? Is there seating over where the beach used to be, now that it’s moved, and how is the sound?

I have some difficulty with auditory processing…last year (after several years of EZ up listening) I returned to the stone bench area and was shocked by how much better I could understand lyrics from the stage speakers instead of the tall ones in the back. I’ve loved being over to the river side in the past (and going back and forth from Wildflower) except that I can never understand the lyrics (part of it is background noise) so if the sound is better over there than it used to be, maybe I’ll go that direction some this trip…

Anyway, any thoughts you have would be welcome!

I was there for 2 days of RockyGrass.

It’s amazing how much work and renewal they did to get the site back to tip-top shape. I think it’s even better than it was!

The trees and seating area have not changed much. The trees on center left are all still there and that’s a great spot. They also graded the lawn a bit so it’s a little higher in the back, but that also makes a sizable berm so the “other” side of the berm has poor sight/sound quality.

They added a path from the stage area waterside to the family area, and the new beach area so you don’t have to walk through/past people. The beach is moved to behind the wildflower tent/family area so kids/family/playtime is a lot less crowded and easy to get to, but you can’t hear the music as well.

For best sound quality, get as close as you can to the soundboard, think that’s where it sounds the clearest.

Have fun!