seating questions

Hello! We are festival virgins going on Thursday! We’re a bit confused on what type of seating to bring…if we show up about an hour before doors are there chances we can be close enough that we should bring low back chairs? Or is a majority of the seating area where the high back chairs are? Our chair options are crazy creek style or the taller/traditional camping chairs. I’d prefer to be closer on my crazy creek but am not sure if that’s realistic. Thanks for the help!

Depends on how many of you there are. If you are just 2, then I recommend tarp hopping with low back chairs. ANY available, unoccupied, space on a tarp is up for grabs until the people who laid said tarp come back. Likely they will ask you to slide over and you will become pals for life. Either way, people do this all the time as it is the Festivarian way. Unused tarp space is a crime. So go upfront, make some friends and I am sure fun will find you.

yes just two of us so that’s great advice! Thank you!