Screw it, I'm going NOW

I can’t take it anymore!!! I’m going RIGHT NOW - who is with me??? :concert :hop :hop :hop :hop :drunk :drunk :drive :devil :devil

I’m in. :thumbsup

But I gotta print that “Packing for Telluride” thread and that could take a while.


Don’t forget to print out the schedule of activities while you’re at it. :thumbsup

heyo dudes! if ya wanna wait, umm lets seee…seven days I’ll be heading out then! hey, road trip next year??? hehehe

You are on! Road trip next year!

…and have to print the “What do you look like” thread. :wave

And a bunch of others too! :huh

Matt - (informationally challenged)

That’s right, I’m going now! :thumbsup