SCI Nightgrass Please!!!

There is no other band on the lineup that should fill this spot that doesn’t already have a Nightgrass slot. Bring it!

Here, here. :thumbsup

Vince, Bill, Drew and friends!

Yes! But how would you distribute tickets at this date? Live lottery? is the cc open Saturday night?

Salmon is closing on Sat. night … Vince or Drew would need to be relegated to being a late night walk on “friend”

When can we expect to know a replacement? Or will they just axe the slot all together?

Second that, cheese pleaseeee

Hey Gang, quite a couple of days for us here on the Planet…

We have filled the SOH Saturday spot and will be announcing the artist at the festival on Thursday from the stage… sometime after Chris’ set.

We haven’t quite had the chance to finalize how we will sell tickets; but, I’m pretty certain they will go only to already banded festivarians…

We all appreciate the patience.

If it’s SCI, please have them play at the CC instead of SOH. That would be super ginchy of you guys!

hmmm I have a feeling since sara watkins was already booked and since they are planning on announcing it after chris’ set…

What do you mean already banded festivarians?

Folks that have turned in their ticket for their fest wristband pass. In other words exsisting fest goers. :flower

Thanks Craig, u Da Guy!

Given previous discussions, where possible concerns of influx of heady wookies was mentioned, sounding like it “Could be SCI” Not sure how many folks would rush to T-ride to see a Nickel Creek reunion, not that there would be anything wrong with that for nightgrass either.

If indeed SCI NG does come into play, I would 2nd teh vote for shift in venue to CC to enable more of us to participate in such a Night Grass Incident. Not sure what the logistics involved with that would be, perhaps to late, but with PB, we all know anything is possible.


Yeah, it does seem like it’s possible given the apparent approach to things … and if this is the case, then I too would like to see the odds increased for more to attend at the CC.

However, I don’t see this as being likely in that the SOH would be left in the dark & perhaps there’s a contractual agreement for some gig to happen. In which case, PB would still be forced to produce an event @ the opera house AND cheese at the CC. At this stage of the game, with all of the unforseen changes & the regular details needing to be attended to, I don’t see them wanting to add more to their plate.

Unless they simply “paid off” the SOH (and not have a show there on Sat) from part of the proceeds generated from a larger capacity at the CC. I suppose they could charge more too at the CC, but they might feel inclined to start earlier, but that would encroach upon Salmon’s main stage set & might not be looked upon well … unless members of salmon were also included in the 2nd half of a late night CC cheese show. I don’t see any of these possibilities as being likely. If anything, I think it’ll be a very tight / jam packed show at the SOH.

Guys conference center isn’t happening so get over it! :rolleyes

But that’s not to say that SOH isn’t out of the question!

Per SCI it looks like this may be happening.

Be caeful what you wish for though because I won’t be in town in time to buy tickets Thursday afternoon :frowning: