Sammy at Mishawaka-waka-waka!

OK… All you Coloradoans… Coloradoites… Coloradoanians… whatever…

Does anyone want to go see the Sam Bush show at the Mish? I have loads of rooms, and the "big back yard… (no… seriously… it’s an Enormous backyard complete with a big ol’climbing rock.)

Let’s go… Come on… Garian? Sara? Hooch? Jay? (you lurker, you) Kenny and DeAnne? Anne?

Everyone is welcome… just PM me, okey-dokey-guacamokeys?!

xoxo Rhonny

Do you know what tickets are?

G…tix are $25. Lori McKenna opens. Showtime is 8 pm; doors open at 6. for details and tickets.

Hey, Rhonny…it was awesome to meet you at the
Pioneer Inn last night!! :slight_smile: Hope to see you this weekend.

Rhonny, How close are you to the Mish? Do you have room for a 21 foot festihome? We are debating Sammy or the Happy Ass BG Festie, or maybe just some quiet camping down the La Garitas… Still deciding…Hmmmmm. Decisions.

:wave This is for all you new residents to Colorado. WE are COLORADANS. Hope this clears up the confusion. In case you need specifics, go here:

However, if you live in Durango, you are a Durangatang :lol :rolleyes :rolleyes

As it turns out, I’m a two-hour drive from the Mish… silly me! You are most certainly welcome to park the festihome here though and we could take the much more economical Forester to the Mish.

Camping nearby may be a better idea… all things considered.

xoxo R

On camping…if you plan to, I would highly consider getting to route 14
tomorrow and finding a spot. While there are more than a handful of
state campgrounds within a dozen miles of Mishawaka, a good portion
of those will be reserved (as you can reserve spots for these
campgrounds online). Mishawaka also has a little “island” for roughing it
camping as well…or used to, as I do not know whether or not they
are allowing camping there this year.

And yes, parking can be a cluster***k, as that is Mishawaka’s main
weakness: The lack of a parking lot that can hold a number of cars.

For further campground info, go to
then click on the Lodging link, where you will find listings for 11 campsites,
as well as cabin rental and hotel info (Fort Collins).

If my friend secures a campsite at Columbine Lodge tonight, I’ll be there
effective tomorrow night.

One other important note: Cell phones do not work in the Poudre
Canyon at all (the only phones that will work are satellite-based
phones). Be sure to make your plans before heading into
Poudre Canyon on route 14.

Hey Wander, I think I recogize you from the Stringdusters Forum. You’re Andy, right? I’m Matt Smith on that Forum. Anyway, If you want place to park it in Fort Collins then you’re welcome to park it in my driveway. It’s still a half hour from the venue, but I thought I’d thow that out there in case you’re interested.

Also, the Mish DOES have camping on the island this year. I don’t know how hard it is to get a spot though. I might go scope out the situation tommorrow.


Hey Wander (Andy)… will you be playing that new Martin this weekend? :flower

xoxo R

MAtt, I bet it will be a first-come first-served deal.

Also don’t forget that Boulder jam/funk band The Motet is playing at
the Mish tomorrow night, so that could bring in other folks too.

wherever I end up , and it looks like Rae and I will just do some camping in the la garita wilderness (near san luis peak for those who know the la garitas) this weekend, I will be playing my new martin. If anyone wants to see me play it, come to our party next Friday!


Thanks Matt for he invite to the Fort, maybe next time. Having been to the mish many times, I know the parking /camping scene can be tight up there. For those going, do try to get there before noon today and secure a spot in a national forest campground before the motet crowd shows up…make a weekend of it.