Just saw Sammy last night in Flagstaff. HE IS AWESOME!!! Cannot wait to see him five months from now. TBF - you can’t come soon enough.

That was an amazing show!!! I am still running around with a perma-grin on my face. I was the one who got the shout out from Sammy! They gave me a really cool poster signed to me!

I highly recommend becoming Sam’s friend on Myspace. He really cares about his friends!

that show was soooooo damn good!!! Downright amazing!! :thumbsup

It WAS a damn good show!!!

I got LOTS of fabulous pix, so if anyone’s interested… Shoot me a line!

Jess, it was freakin AWESOME to meet you also!!!

~ Can we freakin leave for T-tide yet???

Still don’t know if I am going to T-ride. Maybe, maybe not - who knows what the future holds, but the one thing you can count on is the music!

Last night was such a great time!

Still don’t know…?? :frowning: ~ Please tell me you’re kidding…!!!

C’mon… I realize that things will be harder this year for the Town Park residents (partly due to newbies such as myself)… But from what I’ve read all along, YOU are a vital part of that community!!! I’m sure that once the dust settles and peeps start finalizing their plans (and realizing maybe they can’t make it), that extra TP and WF passes will start becoming available… Let’s not give up hope, please think positive!!!

:vibes :peace :vibes

The King in Flagstaff couldn’t be better. I also received a shout out from stage and a personally signed poster. Mr. Bush was also nice enough to sign Capt. Telluride’s helmet!

On Facebook, he has something that is “Ask Sam anything.” This week’s question was “Who would you like to jam with that you haven’t?” Sam’s answer was Eric Clapton… TBF maybe you can make that happen sometime.

Most definitely! :thumbsup
Eric Clapton is one of the few artists that I’ve always wanted to see, and haven’t yet. :flower

OMG, that would be SO awesome if Eric Clapton got added to the TBF lineup… :thumbsup As if the lineup isn’t already mind blowing!!! ~But yeah Eric is definitely one of those ‘haven’t seen yet, but would LOVE to’ artists!