Sam Bush Rockygrass

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Sam Bush Bluegrass Band
July 31, 2011
Rockygrass - Planet Bluegrass Ranch, Lyons, CO

Source: Josephson c42mp > Busman Tmod Edirol R-4 + Avenson STO-2 (Healy) > Busman Tmod Edirol R-4 @ 24/48
Transfer: R-4 > PC > Sound Forge 10.0 > CD Wave > flac > EasyTag
Recorded and transferred by Bob Fager - bob_at_bobfager_dot_com

01 Where There’s A Road
02 They’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone
03 Old Man At The Mill
04 Down The Road
05 Mighty Dark To Travel
06 Circles Around Me
07 Little Bessie
08 White Freightliner
10 Steamboat Whistle Blues
11 Natural To Be Gone
12 Midnight On The Stormy Deep
13 Little Darling Pal Of Mine
14 Workin’ Man Blues
15 Great Balls Of Fire
16 Heavy Traffic Ahead
17 White House Blues
18 Vamp In The Middle
19 Howlin’ At The Moon
21 Crooked Smile

22 Sitting On Top Of The World
23 Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms

Encore with Alex Hargreaves, Dominick Leslie, Sarah Jarosz, Tim O’Brien and Matt Coleman