Sam Bush Band Set List

Here’s a set list from Solstice Saturday:

Sam Bush Band
One More Love Song
Where There’s A Road
Mr. President, Have Pity On The Working Man
Mr. Freddy
On the Road
Sail To Australia
Whisper My Name
Souvenir Bottles
By Stealth
I Found Love (with John Oates)
Man Eater (with John Oates)
I Want To Do Right
Bringing In The Georgia Mail
Howlin’ At The Moon
The Goodle Days…
…Whole Lotta Love…
…New Country
Freedom Walkabout… (with Jerry Douglas)
…When You Gonna Wake Up? (with Jerry Douglas)

E: Up On Cripple Creek (with Drew Emmitt, John Oates, Jerry Douglas, Guthrie Trapp, Luke Bula)

Cool. Any idea where one could find a copy of the show?

patience, grasshopper…

when the tapers are ready to post this show for BT or FTP, they’ll post notice and maybe a link to it here on this board.