Let me throw in a plug for Nassau73 on bt.etree. The Salmon shows from Hawaii are great, the band seems to have even more energy than ever now with Bill Payne full-time. Saturday and Sunday shows are excellent. Can’t wait for Saturday night in TP.

These four LoS shows were the best/ most fun that I’ve ever been to. So much fun that Jeri and I are seriously considering doing it again next year. And how cool is it to share a house with Bill Payne.

Awesome Al, you and Jeri look great with the Palms Trees behind you.

It would be nice to get back out to the islands again, and this festival sounds like a good reason. Al, where do you all stay when out there? Camp?

We stayed in the tiki town lodging listed on the LoS website, we had half of a small house only a half a block away from Charlie’s Saloon where the band played the first two nights. It was about $160 per night so not too bad of a deal for Maui. Camping was available but getting camping gear over there would have been a chore. And we would not of had Bill Payne staying next to us had we camped. I would recommend getting a rental car to explore the island, we did trips to the top of the Haleakala crater, the road to Hana and around West Maui. Loved the Maui Brewing Coconut Porter. The picture was taken at the Mill House before Sunday’s show. For a one band festival, wow that was way too much fun!

Al, many moons ago I was one of the few haoles that lived on Molokaii. Our main entertainment consisted of chicken fights on weekends! A different kind of festival, for sure. Other entertainment included climbing the ridge at night and watching Navy pilots drop bombs on Kahoolaw’e for target practice. Life was simple back then. it would be fun to go back and see if any old friends remain.