safe travels to all...

hi all…i always start a road trip with a healthy prayer.

To all the travelers,
Dear Lord, Jah, Budda, (what ever keeps you going)… Please keep us safe while we travel. watch over us, protect us from harm, and allow us to make it safely to and from Telluride as we make our way to our beloved festival…

I say this anytime i travel and would like to extend it to all festivarians who begin their journey to Telluride. Travel safely, good luck, stay alert!! :drive

See you soon… :flower

Amen :flower

Just broke a valve stem on the trailer… and we were almost finished

At least it broke now and not on the road…that is the silver lining. :thumbsup

This ride is about to depart. Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. Do not depart the vehicle until is comes to a complete stop.

-be sure all personal belongings are secured, and enjoy the ride!!! :wink:

I’m taking off in a few hours. Excited to see everyone down there!!