Safe Travels to All!!!

We’ve already had one mishap in our Festivarian Family just last night. Fortunately no one was hurt save the family Synchro… but there may be some Mightyfine t-shirts somewhere in a field in Idaho that will go unworn! :frowning:

So please everyone…

Drive Save, and Please Don’t Exceed 65 mph!!

The rule of thumb is that each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.20 per gallon for gas… we can lessen our impact by taking our time and enjoying the scenery on the way down to Telluride! (Not to mention getting a chance to really enjoy those driving mixes/playlists I’m sure you’ve all put together for the roadtrip)

xoxo Rhonny

I’ll second that. I already rolled one VW on the way to Telluride. It’s not happening to me again. I sympathize with your friends, and I’m glad no one was hurt. Let’s all get there in one piece! (one peace?)

Yikes! glad noone was hurt.

Amen to green driving. Safe Hypermiling to everyone. :wave

Drive slower
soft on the pedal (take your shoe off)
soft starts
coast to a stop
don’t idle!!!
(but please don’t tailgate - remember the safe part)

wave and smile at anyone in too much of a hurry as they pass you :wave

I heard the softer you are on brakes, economizes fuel too

For anyone interested, here is a link for the Ecodriving Wiki:

xoxo Rhonny

Thanks for the tips, all! Now if only I could get my husband to jump on the bandwagon… :wink:

Safe travels! Four days and counting!

Good advice, but I know I’m gonna want to get there ASAP after we leave the Denver airport…however, I want to get there in one piece and ready to take it all in…so I will adhere to all local laws. See everyone there!!