Ryan Adams and The Cardinals rockin' set list

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals
Telluride Bluegrass Festival
June 19, 2008

Peaceful Valley
Bartering Lines
Shakedown On 9th St….
…Goodnight, Rose
Beautiful Sorta
A Kiss Before I Go
The End
Cold Roses
Everybody Knows
Why Do They Leave?
When The Stars Go Blue
Easy Plateau
Off Broadway
I See Monsters

If you missed this set, or if you weren’t in the mood for it Thursday night, give it a listen whenever you get a chance. Aside from all my regular favorites, this was one of the great surprise introductions for me. Take a ride!

Where can I hear it?

I think it will be posted at tapers.org at some point. There will probably be a note in this forum letting you know it’s been posted. That will be a much better recording than mine, so it should be worth waiting for.